0.5 liter wax melter


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Fundidor de cera 0.5 Litro Expand

Wax heater or melter with a 0.5 liter capacity bucket (500g Wax Heater). Ideal for its small size for specific jobs. It can be used for private or professional use.

A wax melter or heater for hair removal is an essential accessory for body care and aesthetics. And is that the waxing with hot wax is one of the most popular methods since the result is unbeatable. With one of these devices, the wax can be heated and melted comfortably until it has the temperature for its correct application.

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Hot Wax Smelter 500 grams. Waxing system of hot wax. Perfect for its small size for specific jobs. It is supplied with a bucket and a lid that stores the heat inside the bucket. The boiler, built in repulsado aluminum, allows a great heat transmission that provides an armored resistance. The thermostat allows precise control of the temperature of the melting body and of the work or maintenance, which is of utmost importance when careful work is required.


• Temperature regulating thermostat.

• Connector to the electric network included.

• Illuminating light of the appliance. Ideal for beauticians, hairdressers, beauty cabinets, etc.

• It can be used for private use professionally.

Technical data

• Voltage: 220-240 V.

• Frequency: 50-60 Hz.

• Power: 150 w.

• Measures device: 21 x 18 cm.

• Measures bucket: 7 cm deep x 10.30 cm diameter.

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0.5 liter wax melter

0.5 liter wax melter


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