Infrared lamp with 5-wheel base or table


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An infrared lamp is a device designed to treat muscle pain, as well as some skin conditions such as skin rashes (acne), as well as treating certain more complicated areas that we can not access in traditional ways. how can the area of ​​the ears, nose, sinuses, etc. be? Infrared lamps have special bulbs capable of emitting near-infrared rays, projecting a type of red, yellow and orange light.

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This lamp works by launching a series of rays that are capable of penetrating about 3 inches into the skin (the equivalent of about 7 cm or so). With this range of action is able to reach complicated areas. It gives us the ability to work in specific areas, to apply heat in them and only in them. If we have to face a certain ailment or condition, we can treat the part without affecting the contiguous ones. These devices emit a type of heat that destroys viruses, bacteria and different microorganisms.

Our infrared lamp is an essential element in medical and aesthetic centers due to its great use in facial and body treatments. Robust, stable, comfortable and with an arm of almost 1 meter in length, it has the ignition switch arranged in the cable. This infrared lamp, thanks to its high heat, is useful for burning fat, stimulating the breakdown of fat cells in order to help patients achieve the goal of losing. Relieves pain, improves the immune system, improves blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins. Our infrared lamp has a clip for fixing on a table and a base with 5 wheels that provides great stability on the floor.


  • 5-wheel foot.
  • Table clamp for fixed fixing of the lamp.
  • Metallic structure lacquered in white.
  • Includes 275 W infrared bulb.
  • Intensity of light / heat adjustable.
  • One year warranty

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: 220-240 V.
  • Frequency: 60 Hz.
  • Power: 275 w.

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Infrared lamp with 5-wheel base or table

Infrared lamp with 5-wheel base or table


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